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Amy Burkman

Using Art For Good

Live art entertainer · muralist · commissioned artist · inspirational speaker

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using art for good

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Million Dollars raised for charities through art

“Amy’s talent, if you’ve never experienced it in person, is captivating, awe-inspiring and was the highlight of the evening for every one of our guests.”

Watch Amy’s TEDx Talk

Turn Things Around | Amy Burkman | TEDx LagunaBlancaSchool

“Whether it’s a painting or a mindset, artist Amy Burkman flips our perspectives and reveals clarity through her work. As a live art entertainer, muralist, animal lover, philanthropist, and a cancer survivor, Amy strives to use her creative passions to help others. Her motto is “Art with Heart,” and in her experience using art alongside business and social initiatives she raises money to benefit communities all around the world.”