L.B. Anne Website

An Amazon best-selling author 



The client

L. B. Anne is the author of the Amazon best-selling Sheena Meyer series. She writes diverse chapter books geared toward six to fourteen-year-old readers. L.B. Anne is also a mentor and mental health advocate.

The goal

We wanted to create a home for L.B. Anne’s constantly expanding published works and new releases so that readers could learn more about the characters and easily make purchases. Furthermore, we aimed to develop resource pages for her nonprofit and summer internship program.



Designed to showcase L.B. Anne’s newest releases and Best Seller, this homepage is organized and easy to navigate setting the tone for the rest of the experience on the website. We also focused on creating a design that allowed the author to easily update the site on her own.

Resource Pages

To accommodate every type of visitor to the site, we created a wide range of resource pages. This includes an Author Visits page for educational and community decision-makers, as well as a Summer Internship resource page for young aspiring authors to gather information and apply. 

Book Archive

Our client, L.B. Anne, averages 6 book launches a year! We wanted to make sure that we created an easy-to-navigate book archive that gives readers a chance to learn more about the characters and the exciting worlds created by L.B. Anne. Each book archive section includes links to purchase the book and certified amazon reviews. 


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