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About Carolyn Skincare MedSpa

The Carolyn Skincare MedSpa site was in need of a serious redesign. Like so many other websites we encounter, this one was working against Carolyn as a business owner.

Some of the main issues were Navigation not visible, NO call to action, and forms were not user-friendly – all of this created an alarmingly high bounce rate.

This site-wide redesign was completed in 5 business days. Wow!

Case Study coming soon! In the meantime, explore the Amiga Website Design Redesign for yourself and let us know your thoughts.

About Carolyn Cyprian and Carolyn Skincare Medspa

With 14+ years of experience, Carolyn’s personalized approach to skincare combines the most effective non-invasive therapies and confidence-oriented skincare treatments. A forever student, Carolyn continues to train and perfect her craft in an ever-changing and competitive industry. Carolyn formulated Skin Salvation by Carolyn after discovering key product gaps from other existing professional product lines.

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