The Vail Workshop Website

A portfolio for a craftsmen and luthier



The client

Lucas Vail is a New England Based craftsman, luthier, and founder of The Vail Workshop which specializes in creating handmade custom instruments, furniture, and expert repair.

The goal

When Lucas reached out to us, his website was very basic and had zero lead-generating tools or forms. Our goal was to design a beautiful site that showcased his work and add lead-generating tools with advanced forms.



Designed to showcase the bespoke nature of Lucas’s work and his dedication to artisanal craftsmanship, this homepage presents gorgeous sections of custom-made instruments and furniture. Each item on the homepage is presented in a close-up with an elegant gradient background. We included links to each gallery for the user to explore more, a short introduction to Lucas Vail, and links to request a repair or custom work.

Mega Menu

The mega menu provides a quick snapshot of everything The Vail Workshop offers in an easy-to-navigate, versatile format.

Portfolio Archive

Our client, The Vail Workshop, has been in business for three decades and never once had a portfolio archive or project page to show off. We organized and collected years of information and project content to create a stunning portfolio archive and project page that highlights their capabilities, who they are as a company, and what they stand for. This will help them find new clients while also making it easier for existing ones to always stay up to date with the latest projects.


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